Owner of the kennel: 

Vera Chernikova (Antonova)


e-mail: VeraAntonova@list.ru

Tel: +79605879886

About us

All my childhood I dreamed about a dog. Because of my parents, who was not agree about having a dog at home, I had to wait. But I did not lose hope and in 2003 at the age of 13y.o. I began my education at the Junior Handler School in Smolensk City Dog Club “Avangard”. Cause I did not have my own dog, I had to deal with dogs of different breeds. The first victories fascinated me and I patiently waited and believed that I would have a dog once.

Shetland sheepdogs

After one year I made an arrangement with my father – I would buy my first dog! My mother and brother didn´t know about my surprise. I said that I took a dog for a week for training. And my first sheltie from Elena Kalinenko came into my house – 8 months old Ya Zolotaya Lvitsa Panky aka Panky, and she helped me & my parents immensely to know and love the breed even more. At that moment there were no breeding plans, she was just a show dog for me and we had a good career in this.

A year later, I could not hold back and I came again to our home with sheltie. It was special male for me from mating in Estonia - Smolenskiy Suvenir Winnie-Puh aka Winky and he was also born at Elena's house. Then we got Winky, an exceptional dog, whose beauty and wonderful smile are lovingly remembered by all who met him. Winky is a legendary dog that won the hearts of many judges with his charisma. He revealed to me a world of travels, victories, taught to fight and strive forward. He is not perfect, but his desire to win did not leave the judges indifferent and we achieved great heights with him, he is Top Junior Sheltie Of Russia, International & Multichampion. Winky took over my heart forever, he will always have a special place in my heart and will never be forgotten.

The first sheltie puppies were born in our kennel only at once in 2007. Panky gave birth to 2 puppies from Winky, one female from this litter live in Israel and her owner Alla is our friend now. The biggest pleasure was to meet with our puppy in Israel and after that it has turned to a good tradition to travel into different countries for warmly meetings with our puppies and their owners.


Chihuahua… I fell in love with this breed after a long friendship with the owner of the kennel Lora Lain. Only after 3 years I decided to take a puppy from there. So in 2009 our first chihuahua Lucky came to us – Lora Lain Lucky White Dream. Lucky is a very delicate and faithful dog. She is always ready for any adventure and travel with me. Through our efforts, we have visited many countries and obtained the title of International and Multichampion. I'm proud of her as a producer, because thanks to her, many wonderful puppies were born in our kennel that live in different countries of the world and have high titles.

In 2014 “Ticky” (Zvezdnaya Kapel Trend Vivat Victory) joined our family. Ticky quite opposite – she has her own world and she is very independent.  She is very active, energetic and loved adventures, and she turned our world upside down. This little devil has set her own rules in the house. Ticky became a new phase in our breeding. The first litter received from her surprassed all my expectations - her son Vivat Victory Bring Me Love aka Achi became the European Junior Winner in 2017 & TOP#1 Lithuanian Junior Dog from all breeds. Her daughter Vivat Victory Brilliance aka Monica stayed at my house.  

Ticky's daughter Monica is phenomenal regarding her character and physique – she is a very brave and cheerful dog and loves to play with us. Monica is a first dog I gave to the handler due to lack of time, about what I haven't regret a minute. They did a good job! For the first time my dog won Best In Show from all breeds at the National Dog Show!

My work

Since the age of 13 when I was still a junior handler, I always had support - Smolensk City Dog Club “Avangard”. We spent here all the time after school and helped at the showsBy this time I was pretty sure that the dogs will now always stay with me. 

As time went by, I grew up and started working in this club. For many years we have accumulated vast experience and love for our cause. Now our club is not only an organizer of shows, we organize the largest International dog shows in our city and have opened the Dog Training Center "Dog City", we are developing modern trends in dog training and fitness. 

At the moment I also get my second education in the Academy in the direction of "cynology".

Our family

Vivat Victory kennel was officially registered in the FCI only in November, 2014. All previous litters have been issued without a kennel name. 

I married in 2015, and now my husband Mikhail is my most important assistant in my hobby. He loves dogs very much, he always helps me with puppies and is always ready for our new adventures! Through many years of experience we’ve obtained knowledge that will allow us to continue our successful work with our dogs.

Our dogs are a big part of our lives and are always with us.